Ben Gurion airport is only 15-30 min drive from Tel Aviv and 30-50 min to Jerusalem. Production & rentals base city is Tel Aviv. Once we shoot in Eilat, Red sea, clients can arrive directly to Eilat.

The difference from UTC is the same as Eastern European Time (UTC+2) during most of the year.

Working days in Israel are Sunday – Thursday. Friday is a short day, Saturday is a deep weekend.
Filming day is 12 hours long with 30 min break for breakfast and 1 hour break for lunch.
It’s 10 hour day for Friday.
Shooting and scout on Saturday is not often because of the doubling crew fees on this day by the law.
Overtime rates are progressive: 13 & 14 hours are 150%,15 hours are 250%, 16 & 17 hours are 300%, 17 hours are 350%

If we are talking about school period, children can start work at 13:00 and finish by 20:00. Rules are more flexible during the summer. Kids can be filmed from 1 y.o.